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Superintendent: Anthony Schiraldi
Mailing Address: 50 Washington Avenue, Dumont, NJ 07628
Physical Address: 1 Aladdin Avenue, Dumont, NJ
Phone: 201-387-5045
Fax: 201-439-0502 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hours: Mon-Fri, 7 am-3:30 pm


Dumont now accepts and recycles gable-topped milk, juice, soup, and other beverage cartons, as well as aseptic cartons.  Please clean and dry these items, and place them with your bottles, cans, and plastics recycling.


 2023 Dumont Calendar


General Duties

Maintenance of parks, sewers, town garbage, leaf removal, street sweeping, tree removal and pruning of town trees, branch pick-up, asphalt curbs and aprons, pothole, bulk metal pick-up, snow removal, salting of all roads including county roads, signs & lines, holiday decorations, grass & yard debris pick-up, catch basin cleaning, among other duties.

Snow Removal

All vehicles must be removed from all Borough streets to allow for the removal of snow.


Garbage Collection Schedule

  • THE EAST SIDE of town from Washington Avenue to the Cresskill border is collected on Tuesday and Friday
  • THE WEST SIDE of town from Washington Avenue to the New Milford border is collected on Monday and Thursday

Holiday Garbage Collection

When a holiday falls on your scheduled garbage collection day, your garbage will be collected on your next regularly-scheduled collection day.



Memorial Day            Monday, May 29th
Independence Day      Tuesday, July 4th
Labor Day                  Monday, September 4th
Thanksgiving Day       Thursday, November 23rd

Christmas Day            Monday, December 25th


Bulk Metal Pickup

Bulk metal is picked up by the Dumont DPW.

NOTE: If you are discarding a hot water heater or a furnace, a permit and a sticker must be obtained from the Building Department in order for it to be picked up on the bulk metal pickup day.

2023 Bulk Metal Pickup Schedule

(from Washington Ave. to Cresskill border)
(from Washington Ave. to New Milford border)
January 12
February 9
March 9
April 13
May 11
June 8
July 13
August 10
September 14
October 12
(no pickup in November)
December 14
January 19
February 16
March 16
April 20
May 18
June 15
July 20
August 17
September 21
October 19
(no pickup in November)
December 21



Bottles and Cans / Newspaper: These recycling items are collected town-wide every Wednesday, on an alternating schedule. Please check the Recycling Calendar for the schedule. Residents are requested to put their recyclables in a proper container for pickup and also secure their paper and cardboard in a way as to keep it from blowing away on windy days.

Acceptable Items for Recycling

  • Recyclables: Aluminum and tin cans, mixed colored glass, bottles and jars, plastic bottles, dishwasher bottles, and detergent bottles. Wash/rinse all recyclable containers. Bottle caps and can lids should be discarded.
  • Mixed Paper: Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, envelopes, telephone books, soft cover books, corrugated boxes (please flatten). Use brown bags, a laundry basket, a corrugated box, or a milk crate for paper recycling.

2023 Recycling Events for Bergen County Residents:


Sewer Backup Prevention Information

Please see the attached public service announcement containing information regarding sewer backup prevention in the home.