Periodic messages from Dumont Mayor Andrew LaBruno

My fellow Dumont residents,

This past year has been a challenging and unprecedented time in all of our lives.  The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all in ways unimaginable.  As a community, we were forced to learn a new way to live as we continue to navigate this public health crisis.

Our community stood strong and came together as one big family, as Dumont always does time after time.  Our first responders, healthcare workers, and essential employees on the frontlines of this pandemic showed us the true meaning of the word Hero.  Dumont Social Services and our Food Pantry became a harbor for our residents in need and those dealing with food insecurities.  Our Social Services Director, Senior Center, volunteers, and donors provided a beacon of hope during a very difficult time.  

Thank you to our devoted Police Department, Fire Department, Ambulance Corps, Department of Public Works, and Borough employees who worked diligently to keep us safe, healthy and continued to provide essential services.  Thank you to our teachers, students, and parents labored with the complex task of teaching and learning in a hybrid environment.  And, thank you for being a part of this amazing community and calling Dumont your home.  

As we move forward this year, we will work together to get back to normalcy and safely provide recreational and community events.  Our calendar will provide you with important dates in our town and information about our commissions, committees, and programs.  We have also listed essential phone numbers throughout the Borough.  

Please remember, if you have an emergency: DIAL 911!

I hope you had a joyful Holiday Season, and I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!  Stay safe and be well.

Peace, love, and prosperity.  

Andrew LaBruno
Mayor of Dumont