Due to the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis, Dumont Recreation has been postponed; Dumont Borough Hall and Police Station will have limited access to the public; the Dumont Dixon Library, DPW building, and Senior Center are closed to the public. To find more information and updates, please visit https://covid19.nj.gov or https://www.co.bergen.nj.us/health-promotion/2019-novel-corona-virus

The Department of Community Affairs has issued guidance regarding the construction industry’s concerns about the interruption of plan review and inspection responsibilities due to the COVID-19 public health crisis. The Borough of Dumont has instituted the following new policies and procedures for our Building Department:


  • Residents should only call to schedule the following inspections: Rough, framing, installation, finals and CCO inspections. All other non-essential inspections will be on hold until further notice.
  • The Building Department is also not accepting any new non-essential construction permit applications until further notice. At this time only CCO applications will be accepted, however we understand that emergency repairs such as water heater, boilers and sewers require immediate attention so we are asking that you contact the building department at 201-387-5034 to document the name and address so that a permit application can be processed at a later date. You may access applications HERE.
  • Local Enforcement Agents (LEA) will not enter any occupied building. Rough inspections for new additions shall be performed, provided no entry to the occupied home or building is required or that appropriate social distancing is in effect. 
  • CCO inspections will be conducted with agent and no occupants. Permit close out (plumbing, electric, fire, building) necessary for CCO’s are subject to vacant house restrictions.
  • The Dumont Building Department will prioritize inspections necessary for the health and welfare of the public. Should in-person inspections not be possible, LEAs will employ creative solutions, such as video conferencing via platforms like FaceTime or Skype, whenever feasible, to conduct inspections.
  • All required inspections for new construction and any work on the exterior or outside of any occupied building shall be performed as usual.
  • Items listed as Minor Work at N.J.A.C. 5:23-2.17A require only a final inspection. This includes inspections of replacement items such as a residential heater, air conditioner and/or water heaters. These inspections may be deferred to a later date.
  • Destructive inspections may be performed only if there is reason to believe that a life-safety violation exists.
  • If an LEA feels uncomfortable for any reason, they may exit the premise.


Dumont Borough Hall has limited access to the public. Please call the Dumont Building Department at 201-387-5034 for clarification on these procedures or to schedule an appoint. These rules are meant preserve the health of inspectors, contractors, and the general public. Thank you for your cooperation during this unprecedented time. Stay safe and healthy.